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Joined my world in 1995(?)

For a while, he was considered to be a strange and unwanted character.  Now he is just strange.  Supposedly good at break dancing (I missed NECYSC 2000).  

Also for a while, we questioned just how he became part of our group.  Apparently, Jordan and Dan met at a course at the Science Museum (Boston) a couple weeks before NECYSC, and then the rest is history.

I also introduced Dan to some people at CTY that currently is still a group.  Apparently, the way he and Tracy met is an interesting story, but you'll have to ask them. 

He was one of the people during the year we had a war, and that year was fun.  I don't really remember.  I think it was that year that he slept-walked into Lick-Kong and my room, but that is another story.