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Old News

Links want to see pictures from CTY 1999

Fine with me

Josh and Spencer

Josh...funny looking

Isaac and Jon

Damn...I forgot my keys!

Isaac at the dance...I think's Jon

ANOTHER party picture

Water balloon toss

Nice hair Gabe


Don't ask 'cus I don't know

One of Jon's failed attempt to get a bicycle captured on film

This is what Ed means when he says dyed hair

And again...

Another "Don't ask"

And this again

We all need a little TLC

Hey! This is my room!

Lunch time?

Happy Birthday Jon

Jon's Cake

How Brian eats his cake

How Brad eats his cake

Jon's ditzy...again


Jon: Let's see how far I can kick this ball

Ed: Damn sprinkler from Hell

Bored...Bored...Bored us your muscles

This picture was banned in 32 of the 53 states...but not yours!