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This page is my first web page, moved from Tripod to my own server.  Anyway...if you don't know me, directly or indirectly, there really isn't much here that you would appreciate, unless you enjoy looking at young kids...pervert...anyway, if you want to use any of the media on this page...please ask me, I'll probably say yes...I'm a nice guy...really...and if you don't like something on this page, tell me, and I'll consider taking it off...maybe...

LAST PUBLISHED: Saturday, April 21, 2001
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Recent Events:

Saturday, April 21, 2001
~Well internet is back therefore server is back... (^_^)v
~Hehe...if you've been to my site in the last few days, you would've noticed that it had reverted to its old form...hehe...whoops...not my fault
~Hopefully, I'll be working on this site a little more diligently than before with more updates...hopefully...

Tuesday, March 27 2001
~Working on making a message board
~Added opening
~New link
~Got film developed, adding pictures slowly
~Survived 3rd term^_^ bring on 4th term...I dare you!